New Operation Flashpoint confirmed

It looks like realistic warfare (read: dying over and over) is coming back once again to gaming as The Official Xbox Magazine has confirmed that another game in the Operation Flashpoint series is coming out. The game is titled Operation Flashpoint: Red River, and it is has the wide open release date of 2011.

The sequel is looking to take care of many of the issues that Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising had, and OXM explains that the game is looking to be “tighter” and “more focused.” Still, the main goal of the series is to deliver a realistic war experience where you can literally die at any time without warning if you aren’t playing it like it was real life.

The Operation Flashpoint series ain’t really my bag, baby, because I’m the kind of guy who likes to run headfirst into a gun fight with a knife (take that Sean Connery!), but there are plenty of people out there who are down with “strategy” and “thinking” and other lame things like that. For them this has to be good news.

Are you looking forward to this or did you have too many issues with the good, but flawed Dragon Rising?

Operation FlashPoint: Red River is ‘tighter, more focused’ than Dragon Rising [CVG, via TVGB]

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