New Omega Force DS game revealed

Last week I talked about a new mystery DS game by the guys who created Dynasty Warriors (otherwise known as the greatest cultural event since Dio’s Holy Diver). Famitsu has shed further light on Omega Force’s new project, and even though it’s set in medieval Asia once again, it is in fact a new IP that doesn’t have the word “Warriors” anywhere near the title.

Saihai no Yukue is the title of this new game, which can be translated into The Baton’s Whereabouts. It’s probably not the catchiest of names and something I can’t see sticking when/if it hits the West. This new IP is being described as an adventure game in which real-life Sengoku period warlord Mitsunari Ishida builds his Western Army in war-torn Japan. Here’s hoping this is more along the lines of Kessen than Fatal Inertia in terms of quality. Koei could always use another good IP. 

[Via Koei Warriors]

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