New Need For Speed SHIFT trailer is gorgeous

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Consider my mind blown, EA Black Box and Slightly Mad Studios. I haven’t sat down for an extended period of time with a Need for Speed game in years, but I’m totally revved for Need for Speed SHIFT. After the break, you can view what I just saw — gorgeous visuals, awesome physics, and a NFS that takes itself seriously.

I guess I should have seen this coming — Hamza was pretty high on the game in his preview earlier this month. What I found the most interesting in his article, and I think you see a smidgen of it in the trailer, is the way SHIFT balances simulation and arcade gameplay. Go give it a read if you’re interested in the game.

Also, I must add, neon stringy things need to be in every trailer from now until the world implodes. Make it happen, publishers. (I don’t care if you’re game is Petz Party Pack volume 48 and you’re illustrating how to clean puppy chow poop off the carpet with Wii waggle controls. Put neon in it.)

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