New multiplayer modes revealed for Doom look hellishly fun

Freeze tag in Hell? Sign me up!

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Bethesda has finally done it; I’m hyped for Doom. These newly revealed multiplayer modes all look fantastic, and might even be enough to pull me away from Halo 5 for a bit.

Soul Harvest looks to be like Call of Duty‘s kill confirmed mode, where players need to pick up the souls of opposing players to score points. Freeze Tag is an elimination mode where your goal is to freeze the opposing team by shooting them while also thawing your team. And finally, War Path is a roaming take on the classic King of the Hill game type, where players must stay in a certain highlighted zone as it moves to score points.

The beta of Doom will be available starting on the last day of March, and you bet your ass I’ll be fragging some scrubs when it hits.

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