New MotorStorm pictures and behind the scenes video

MotorStorm is only two weeks away from coming out on PlayStation 3 and Evolution Studios has this brand new behind the scenes video to keep us excited, as well as nine new high resolution pictures showing off the motion blur and depth-of-field cinematic effects.

I don’t enjoy most racing games, and actually prefer the Mario Kart series over realistic racers, but I have to admit that I’m surprised to see graphics this impressive coming so soon from the PS3. When there’s not a human visible on screen for reference it’s hard to distinguish between film and 3D graphics. (Obviously this video doesn’t do the original quality justice). I don’t care how good the Gran Turismo games look though, I’ll still never be interested in a game that puts racing before dealing damage, and for that reason MotorStorm might be the best of both worlds for many gamers.

You’ll see more glimpses of the real-time track deformation, and plenty of textures that’ll put your high definition televisions to the test, but there’s been some complaints about the slow motion crash cameras. Watch the video and judge for yourself, and scrutinize over the screenshots below to your heart’s content.

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