New Mortal Kombat movie still in ‘the money stage’

Christopher Morrison, director of the new Mortal Kombat movie, is finally talking. In a recent interview with Moviehole, Morrison states that the movie will be independent, is still early in production and his studio is working on securing the proper financing.

Mortal Kombat is still in the money stage…MK more than likely will be an Indy film. The film’s projected budget will be between 50& 60 mill so it is a bit more tricky than just running down to the ATM or writing a cashiers check (maybe one of those Jumbo checks like Publisher Clearing House winners). Currently Threshold is working out the financing through a studio and or equity situation. This will take as long as needs to take. I know the frustration this causes the awesome MK fans but that’s the fact, Jack…

Morrison cites the “sluggish” American economic situation as the reason Mortal Kombat has yet to be picked up. I would like to think that it hasn’t been picked up by Hollywood investors because they are just as ticked off as I about the second movie, Mortal Kombat Annihilation. Killing the only redeemable character, Johnny Cage, within the first few seconds of a film is what spelled the disaster of the sequel. It certainly wasn’t bad writing.

Brad BradNicholson