New mode in Rock Band 2 is like Wii Music

In case you haven’t heard yet, you can’t lose in Wii Music. Sure, you can bob your head around and make notes higher or lower, but there are no real constraints to the game. Recently, it came to Joystiq’s attention that there is a new mode in Rock Band 2 called “No Fail Mode.” As the subtitle plainly suggests, there is no way to fail out of a song while utilizing the mode. Sounds like Wii Music, doesn’t it?

From personal experience, I think this mode is a bit ingenious. Like Jim, I’ll never be able to get over the fact that a game like Wii Music will exist, but not being able to lose in a mode for Rock Band seems like a good fit. I’ve been to a couple of parties with older, unhip adults scrambling to understand the fine art of holding a plastic guitar. After finally getting the strap appropriately around the shoulder, playing the game is a near impossibility. While, I, the trendy one in the room can master the medium difficulty, there’s no chance someone who hasn’t seen a console since the Atari is going to be able to get through a single song.

Perhaps it’s all about accessibility. What say you, Destructoid community? Is this mode a good idea? Do you think it will help launch Rock Band 2 even further into the stratosphere when it hits?

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