New mod brings Yharnam to Skyrim

Trick weapons and stylish leather

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There aren’t too many similarities between Bloodborne and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They play wildly different from one another. The dimly lit gothic architecture of Yharnam is a far cry from Skyrim‘s snow-capped mountains. One has a thing for aliens and menstrual blood. The other, well, it’s more concerned with arrows and knees.

But a talented modder by the name of Vicn managed to blend both worlds together. Vicn’s transported Bloodborne‘s hunters, trick weapons and all, to Skyrim in the Glenmoril mod.

Glenmoril adds some of Bloodborne‘s iconic weapons and outfits to Skyrim, effectively allowing players to live out their own version of the Hunt. It’s a trip to see the Hunter Pistol fired at Draugr, especially from a first-person perspective.

Vicn’s work is more than just a few new pieces of equipment, too. Glenmoril’s current form contains an episodic questline, Little Red Riding Hood, for players to complete. More episodes are planned for future updates, according to PC Gamer.

Though it’s unlikely that Bloodborne will ever see a full PC release, Glenmoril gives players a chance to experience a taste of Yharnam from their computer. 

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