New Matt Hazard videos make us laugh … just a little bit

Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard looks like a videogame designed purely to make players say, “I see what you did there.” In fact, try and spot what developer Vicious Cycle did there with the above video. I think you’ll definitely see what was done. There.

We have more footage for you after the jump, all as deliciously stupid as the above. It seems that D3 Publisher is making a habit of picking up the most absurd and deliberately retarded games out there. I must confess, I feel a need to admire that in a publisher. 

Matt Hazard may turn out to be a disaster and fall prey to all the trespasses it mocks other videogames for, but I hope it actually turns out well. Something this delightfully moronic deserves to be at least fun. Here’s hoping.





Jim Sterling