New Mass Effect 2 DLC tarts up Miranda, Tali, and Grunt

Hey! Did you ever wish that Miranda would wear something more…combat-appropriate into battle, besides a tight leather jumpsuit? No? Well, then you’re not me, since Bioware’s upcoming Mass Effect 2 DLC looks to answer that tiny little gripe of mine.

It’s the second “Alternate Appearance” pack, and contains new looks for Tali, Miranda, and Grunt. The previous pack had extra outfits for Jack, Thane, and Garrus. This new one looks to stuff Miranda’s genetically-perfected assets into something that resembles N7 armor (complete with a visor straight out of the Dr. Pepper DLC pack), and adds a lot of glowing lights and holo-shades to Grunt’s duds.

Poor Tali gets little more than a palette swap. Look, Bioware, I understand that there’s not a lot you can do with her character model without breaking it, but my girl deserves better. Also, I’d have appreciated sleeves for Grunt. How can he use Fortification if his arms aren’t covered in any kind of armor?

I’ll confess that I bought the last Alternate Appearance pack just so Garrus wouldn’t walk around with a bleeding hole in his suit all the time, and I may end up forking over some cash/Bioware creds/Microsoft Banana Dollars, to make Miranda more sensible and to keep Tali from having the same color scheme as the Normandy‘s floor. The pack hits hits on February 8th. Which outfit catches your eye most?

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