New Mario Galaxy video reveals power-ups galore; sadly, still no dolphin suit

It’s hard to believe that Super Mario Galaxy (easily one of the most anticipated games of the year) will be hitting North American shelves in just one month from tomorrow.

Usually, I would slap your wrist and tell you not to watch the above video, as I am not a big proponent of watching too much gameplay footage before a game is released (why ruin the surprise?), but … well … go on, you can watch this one. I will make an exception just this once.

The video is the perfect tease of (amazing) things to come, offering quick shots of some unbelievable looking levels (including, *gasp*, a full 2D stage!), some gorgeous in-game music, and, quite possibly the best addition, a glimpse of some rad power-ups for Mario.

While we all knew about the new suits (bee and Boo) and that the fire flower and star power were making grand returns, seeing it all in action still puts a huge smile on my face. But, wait, what’s this? Ice Mario and Spring Mario? Only a quick snippet is shown of each, but I can tell you right now, the latter looks like a lot of fun.

Argh, now one more month feels like way too long. I really can’t wait … how about you?

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Chad Concelmo