New Mario amiibo temporarily exclusive to Mario Party 10 bundle

Gotta buy ’em all

Mario Party 10 is getting its own line of amiibo, lest Nintendo not have multiple $13 red plumber toys to peddle. Amazon put up listings for PeachYoshiBowserLuigi, and Toad. Every one except Mario.

As chief amiibo collector Chris Carter surmised, that Mario Party 10 bundle will be, “[f]or a limited time, the only way to play with the Mario Party Mario amiibo included.” 

Because this is Nintendo and amiibo we’re talking about, who knows for how limited a time this will be the only way to snag a Mario #2. Collector types, does that put a damper on things? Is this spurring any Mario Party 10 buys that wouldn’t have otherwise happened?

‘Nintendo of America’ Strikes Again, Mario SMB Amiibo Timed Exclusive To Mario Party Bundle [Amiibo Inquirer]

Steven Hansen