New Mafia 2 trailer is like old one, only longer, so it’s time for mother jokes

If the above trailer for Mafia 2 looks familiar, it’s because it is. Well, at least the first minute and four seconds of the trailer is identical to the one that premiered on the Spike VGAs last year. 

The remainder of the trailer features little to no action, instead highlighting one of the game’s characters being ridiculed by his gangster friends for kissing his mother. Seriously, isn’t it a thing that all Italian mobsters love their mothers? Like, they’ll choke you out with piano wire for looking at their girlfriend cross-eyed, but respect for mama is always high. I guess not in the world of Mafia, where telling you mother you love her in front of your crew is cause for laughter. So much disrespect!

Mafia 2 hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC this autumn. Now, I want to hear your best mother jokes. I’ll start: You’re mother’s so stupid, she couldn’t read an audio book. Your turn.

Nick Chester