New MadWorld trailer, now with extra blood and fists

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Being shown MadWorld at this year’s E3 was like some sort of moment where time freezes and you can’t believe what’s happening is actually happening. While a polite group of people from Platinum Games showed Dale North and myself the blood festival that is MadWorld, all we could seem to do was shake our heads in a kind of confused delight.

This newest trailer came on a disc packed with the latest issue of Famitsu, which would have been very difficult to get one’s hands on outside of Japan. Luckily we spied it on Gamekyo, and now it’s all yours to do with as you will (which likely includes fapping).

As a horror/gore enthusiast, I could not be more eager to see this title come to the Wii, a system that’s been far too vanilla for this gamer, outside of No More Heroes. Spray it in blood, Platinum Games!

[Thanks, Joe]

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