New Madden 09 trailer is painful to watch…because it’s all about tackles

We’ve finally got some gameplay footage from Madden NFL 09 — and it’s more than the two seconds or so that we saw in the teaser trailer. This trailer showcases just under a minute and a half of video. For the most part, it comprises people getting (and trying to avoid getting) tackled. If you find smash-mouth football unsettling, or you just don’t like seeing people get the crap kicked out of them, you may not want to click the ‘play’ triangle above.

Obviously, people are excited about NaturalMotion’s upcoming football game, Backbreaker, for many reasons — not the least of which is that it’ll make use of the company’s already-famous Euphoria physics engine. The tackle animations in Madden 09 don’t look quite as realistic, but they’re not too shabby, either. It’s clear that EA Tiburon has been working diligently to improve that aspect of the game. The “flow” of the game looks much better than it has in the past.

Still, am I the only person who feels that any and all football videogame footage should be set to NFL Films music? That stuff is inspiring. Oh, well…this trailer is all about the visual impact of Madden 09, and on that front, it delivers. Hit the comments to let us know what you think of it.

[Thanks, Justin!]

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