New Lara Croft talks smack about the old ones

You remember the new Lara, Alison Carrol, right? Miss Look At My Short Pants And Everything Else was chosen to be the face of Tomb Raider: Underworld for not only her looks, but her gymnastic abilities. In an interview with OXM, she does not hesitate to say how she’s a better Lara than the other ladies from the past:

Well, previously the models have been very static and I’ve been taken on because of my gymnastic ability. In the game she’s been motion captured, so her movements are more fluid and more believable, so as the model I’m doing that as well. I’m bringing the athletic side as well as the model, so I’ve got my own little Lara routine that I do, I don’t know if you saw it earlier?

Yeah, we saw it earlier. Wow. On that topic, here’s the best part of the interview:

And because this is the role of an attractive female character and there may be, you know, some crude remarks on the internet, how are you going to deal with that?
(Eidos PR) Don’t even go there

Sorry, we already did.

[Via CVG]

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