New Kingdom Hearts portable games on the way

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Fans of the popular Kingdom Hearts series will be pleased to know that Square-Enix has confirmed three new titles, one of each coming to the Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and mobile phones. Exactly why three separate games are going to three separate platforms is a bit beyond me, unless Squeenix considers Kingdom Hearts a system seller, but whatever floats one’s boat. Square-Enix does like to pull that card.

The announcement was made at the Tokyo Games Show, although there was no word on Kingdom Hearts III. Instead, we’ll be getting Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days on the Nintendo DS, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep on the PSP and Kingdom Hearts: Coded on mobile phones. I am personally looking forward to Kingdom Hearts: Spin-off with Another Cringeworthy, Cheesey, Lame Title in the near future. 

I’m a pretty large Kingdom Hearts fan, but I have to say that the handheld spin-offs never interested me and I’m more looking past these games toward the eventual announcement of a real sequel. For those that can’t get enough of one of the more unique gaming concepts of recent times, however, there’s plenty to be getting on with.

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will feature Sora and Roxas, while Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is set to star Terra, a character previously only seen in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +. Meanwhile, the mobile phone game is all about Jiminy Cricket and is set after the first game. That’s … interesting. I just hope someone is actually working on a real sequel instead of all these spin-offs. Can Squeenix ever do a simple, sequential franchise?

I mean, one that isn’t Drakengard.

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