New Killzone 2 maps are out today: I like Killzone 2

Killzone 2 is getting yet another shot in the arm today with the Flash & Thunder Map Pack. Available for download on PSN for $5.99, the pack contains two maps from the original Killzone, freshly updated and given a Helghan lick of paint. I was kind of hoping the maps would still be set on Vekta, but they’ve been transported to the home planet of the Helghast with a darker, murkier look.

“The original maps took place on Vekta, so we transported them to Helghan’s desolate battlegrounds,” says senior level designer Stuart Billinghurst. “We modified the basic layouts of the maps somewhat, based on accumulated player feedback. The layouts will still be instantly familiar to anyone who played the originals, but the flow of combat has been vastly improved.

“MP-11 Beach Head is very much a tug-of-war, with two factions constantly trying to advance the front line in the other direction. MP-12 Southern Hills has a classic Capture The Flag-style layout with large open areas and mirrored bases, but the nuclear blast adds an element of unpredictability. In terms of player numbers, both maps are ideally suited for 8-24 players. This isn’t a hard limit, though – they can still be played with 32 participants for some frantic fun.”

I’ll take any excuse to fire up Killzone 2 again, so I’ll be there. Check out Destructoid soon for some Jimpressions of the new maps.

Jim Sterling