New Katamari Forever trailer, with 100% more sock puppetry

While Jim was busy railing on the Swine Flu sequel-itis epidemic currently gripping the games industry, Namco-Bandai was releasing a new trailer for Katamari Forever, the series’ PS3-exclusive first foray into HD. Katamari Forever (called Katamari Damacy Tribute in the Land of the Rising Sun) might escape Jim’s ire, however. It’s not exactly a remake, but it is kind of a like a remix. The game will feature some new levels, beautiful visual filters, and jump functionality (!), but it will also feature some old favorites with extra goodies (hence the “Tribute”).

If that’s enough to convince you to check Katamari Forever out, hit the jump and watch a new-ish trailer: it might be the most surreal thing since The Beatles: Rock Band intro. It’s got sock puppets, snowmen, synthy-y remixed music, and giant robots — what else do you need? So go ahead and treat yourself, hit the jump, and bask in the warm glow of lucid japonism. 

If you’re itching for more details, be sure to check out Dyson’s enthusiastic preview from GDC. And if you need just a little more weird in your Sunday afternoon, here’s an even bigger batch of Katamari Forever trailers from E3.

[Via Offworld]

Joseph Leray