New Japanese Nintendo Wii ad will bore millions into buying Sony

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This is the new Japanese TV ad for the Nintendo Wii. Boring, huh? Translated to English, the announcer is saying, “This… what is it? It’s a new remote control. Nintendo Wii remote control.†which to me would sound like an ad for a new remote for a sex toy, if I didn’t already know what a Nintendo Wii was. I guess I just think dirty.Honestly though, where are the bouncy Asian girls playing with the Wii remote? The old guy playing Wii sports who looks like he’s too senile to play in the first place. Where are my Wii people having fun playing with the remote?The North American ads have to be better than this or I’m sending a bag of dog poop that’s more entertaining than this in the mail to the marketing department.[Via Dark Diamond Network]

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