New James Bond game inspired by old James Bond games

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I have many, many concerns about new James Bond game, Blood Stone, but I am eternally happy that the series is returning to third person and in capable hands with Bizarre Creations. My joy over the return to third person is mostly because Everything or Nothing, EA’s second-to-last outing with the franchise, was probably the best single-player Bond experience ever made (don’t listen to Anthony) and it was third person (their last outing, From Russia With Love, was no slouch either).

That is why I’m thrilled to hear that the team behind Blood Diamond went back and got plenty of ideas and insight from previous Bond games, especially EoN. In an interview with 1Up where he explains what the game is all about producer Nick Davies said, “For me Everything or Nothing is the best Bond game ever made — nothing comes close to it in terms of showing the variety and essence of Bond, so of course we played that … I also jumped straight onto Ebay and picked up most of the old Bond titles; I was actually quite surprised how many quality titles there have been … with EoN being my favorite, but Nightfire is also a great game.”

True words, my man. In fact the rest of my night will be spent popping in and out all my old Bond games. I might even dust off the GBA version of EoN. Was it good? No. Did it have the words James Bond on it? Yes.

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