New Iron Man trailer plus all of the Iron Man suits that will be in the game

First off, we have the latest trailer for the Iron Man game. The trailer shows off the basic story line we’ve all come to know for the Iron Man series. The game may end up being generic, but damn if the movie doesn’t look all kinds of saucesome.

We’ve also received some new images of all the suits you can obtain in the Iron Man game. Information on all the suits and in which comic they originated from can be found after the jump. Each version of the game will also be getting one exclusive suit. The Xbox 360 version will receive the Silver Centurion suit and the PS3 version will being getting the Ultimate suit.

Seeing as the Hulkbuster suit is in the game, one can only assume that you’re going to fight the Hulk. Originally, I thought it was just going to be some sort of simple cut scene with the Hulk passing through. Whatever the case, getting to fight the Hulk would be epic (and vice-versa in the Hulk game against Iron Man).

Which suit do you like the most? I’m loving the Mark III over everything else.

This is the very first Iron Man suit ever built.  In a life changing
moment, Tony Stark is attacked and captured by terrorists.  While
being held captive, Tony is forced to build a weapon of mass
destruction.  With the help of Yinsen, Tony builds the Mark I suit
instead and uses it to escape.  Thus, a new Super Hero is born:  IRON

The Mark II was constructed as a prototype with an emphasis on
exploring flight potential. As the first suit of Iron Man armor built
at Stark Industries, the Mark II armor was soon replaced by the Mark
III after initial flight testing.

This is the main suit Iron Man uses in the game and film.  After
initial flight tests were completed on the Mark II, Tony built the
Mark III.  Designed for customization, the Mark III armor can be
equipped with a variety of enhancements and upgrades.
Unlocakable Suits:
First debuting in “Tales of Suspense #48”, the suit that would become
known as the iconic Iron Man armor underwent several subtle cosmetic
changes before the look was finalized in “Tales of Suspense #66”. Some
of the major features of the suit were the first implementation of the
palm mounted “Repulsor Rays”, ultra fine microscopic integrated
circuitry that made the suit easier to control, and boot thrusters
that enabled the wearer to fly for greatly sustained speeds and
distances. Appearing in well over 200 issues of Iron Man’s comic
adventures, this suit is easily the most recognizable suit in Iron
Man’s arsenal.

First appearing during the “Extremis” story arc that ran from Iron Man
Vol. 4 Issues 1-6, this armor has become the most prevalent look for
the modern day Iron Man. This is the defining suit that Tony Stark has
worn during major events such as “Civil War” and “World War Hulk”. In
this armor, Iron Man has hit new levels of power.

The name says it all. In order to be ready for possible combat with
the rampaging monster known as “The Incredible Hulk”, Tony Stark
developed this suit of armor as the ultimate add on to the Iron Man
suit.  The first version of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor appeared in
Iron Man #304 and enabled Iron Man to lift up to 175 tons as well as
provide enough durability to withstand repeated blows from the Hulk.

Classic Mark I
The first Iron Man suit ever created. Built during Iron Man’s first
appearance in “Tales of Suspense #39”, the suit functioned both as a
life saving device for Tony Stark’s injured heart and as a weapon to
help him escape captivity.  While reinterpreted by different artists,
this design is based from the original version of the suit designed by
Jack Kirby and Don Heck.

Platform Specific-Suits:

Silver Centurion- X360 Only
Originally used as a means by which Tony Stark could test out new
ideas for the Iron Man suit, it eventually became his new fully
operational set of armor when used in the first comic book battle
between Tony Stark and Obadiah Stane in Iron Man issue 200. Boldly
sporting new colors, this version of the suit was worn during Stark’s
days as a West Coast Avenger and during the first “Armor Wars”

Ultimate- PS3 Only
In the Ultimate Universe, an alternate version of the Marvel Universe,
Tony Stark requires the help of an entire specialized crew to help
maintain this bulkier Iron Man armor. As seen in The Ultimates, this
ensemble functions more like a compact vehicle than a man-sized suit
of armor.

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