New interview with Mega Man’s Daddy: Keiji Inafune


The folks at 1UP had a chance to chat up Capcom’s head of research and development, Keiji Inafune. You may know him better as the creator of Mega Man (Rock Man in Japan) and Dead Rising , as well as the producer on countless other Capcom hits like Onimusha and Resident Evil 2.

Though their time with Inafune was short, they managed to nab a few juicy tidbits. We get to hear more details of Resident Evil 5’s development, the real origins of Dead Rising, and why there are no female leads in Inafune’s games lately. They also touch on why it’s so bright and sunny in the Resident Evil 5 trailer. Lastly, Inafune rounds things out with a heartfelt thank you directed at those gamers who have supported Mega Man this past twenty years. It is Mega Man’s 20th anniversary, after all.

Aside from this video, 1UP also has a full text version that fills in some holes.


[Via 1UP

Dale North