New info on Halo 3 to spoil your appetite

Only sixty-two more days to go before millions of copies of Halo 3 are sold and millions of 360’s suffer from the red rings of death all on the same day! Bungie is good at tormenting their fans with ARGs, videos and screenshots. This time though, the Internets have their revenge on Bungie! Thanks to some ninja spies, next months issue of EGM’s preview on Halo 3 got leaked early.

There will be more new vehicles such as the human version of a Banshee (about damn time) called the Hornet, which can carry two gunners as well as the pilot. There’s a really small image of the Hornet which can be seen at Geek Pulp. There’s also another new Brute vehicle called the Prowler which is the equivalent of the Warthog. Speaking of Warthog, the troop transport variation that got left out of Halo 2 is making it back to 3.

Two new Brute weapons were also revealed. The Mauler being the Brute’s version of the shotgun and the big weapon being the Gravity Hammer. The Gravity Hammer essentially being the Brute version of the Plasma Sword. A new grenade type was also mentioned called the Flare, which will blind your opponents.

New equipment items include the Personal Shield, Regenerator and Invincibility. The Personal Shield is described as a combination of the Bubble Shield and Jackal Shield. The Regenerator will restore your shields and Invincibility is well, invincibility.

Finally, the news all gaming sites have been going crazy over. 2 player co-op has been confirmed, offline only though. One player will be the Master Chief and the other will control the Arbiter. Bungie has said though that they are working on getting an online co-op going. If that happens though, it’ll come through a download later on. 

So whats that say to you about maybe adding online co-op later? Bungie really wants it in the game, but obviously they don’t have enough time to add it before the September release. Does this make anyone think back to January when it was revealed that members of Bungie said they “screwed up” on Halo 2? Sure, in that same article they say they don’t plan on screwing up again, but if they can’t add such a popular feature in time, then that just sounds like they’re being rushed again to me. 

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Hamza Aziz