New inFamous trailer is very black

Sony has a brand new inFamous trailer up which shows off a little more gameplay to the sound of vanilla rock music that was performed by somebody’s brother, probably. Of interest to anybody who’s been following the game is a new power for main character Cole, a “Polarity Wall” shield, though you’ll need to employ your eagle vision to spot it.

This game is looking pretty hot. My one concern is that the main character looks a bit generic. In my opinion, a plot-driven game centered around a super-powered hero should have a striking figure as the protagonist. From the looks of him, it seems that Cole might be a typical gruff-voiced cardboard man that we’ve seen in a ton of games before. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, as I’m worried about Protoype suffering from the same issue too. 

Hit the jump for the trailer, where you’ll see lots of electricity and stuff!

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