New, in-the-box Dreamcasts on sale at ThinkGeek [Update]

No, Sega’s Dreamcast is not coming back. It’s gone for good, as far as Sega is concerned. But there’s a lingering fondness in gamers’ hearts for the little white box. That’s why retro game stores still stock Dreamcast games and accessories…and if you’re lucky, working systems.

Forget the used crap, though. ThinkGeek has new Dreamcast systems, in the box, ready for the $99 of yours that you probably can’t afford to be spending but will anyway. Their product page says that the systems “arrived mysteriously at our warehouse.” How does that work? I need to get in on that. 

From the product description:

Each Dreamcast console is new in the box and comes complete with a single controller, av cable and demo disc. You of course get a built in 56K modem and phone cable… which we assume you’ll make great use of ūüôā

As with my older disc-based Sega systems, I’m always paranoid that my Dreamcast is going to bite the dust, and then I’m going to be stuck system-less. I kind of want to buy one of these and store it for that time.

[Thanks, Nick]

[Update: it seems as if they’re going to sell out today!]

Dale North