New Hitman movie receiving worse reviews than Pixels

Worst rated video game movie ever?

Awful Adam Sandler tax dodge Pixels flirted with a 0% positive reviews yield on film aggregate Rotten Tomatoes last month, but eventually stumbled all the way up to a more respectable 16% positive rating.

So obviously these things change as more reviews, particularly ones from folks who didn’t get advance screenings, roll in. Still, Hitman: Agent 47, released today, already has 48 reviews in (Pixels is at 141 after the month) and it is sitting at a laughable 6% positive at time of writing.

Further fun with numbers: sorted by Rotten Tomatoes curated “Top Critics,” Pixels has a 9% positive in 32 reviews, Hitman: Agent 47 a 5% positive in 19 reviews, so that’s liable to stay under.

Note that I definitely laughed in disbelief when I learned — just last week or so — that, “they’re making another fucking Hitman movie?!”

Also note that Hitman (2007), which is also bad, has a 14% positive review rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Can Agent 47 overtake Hitman as more reviews pour in? Maybe it falls right in between Pixels and the first, ignored film.

This would be fun to watch totally legally at PAX Prime, maybe. We did that with DOA: Dead or Alive at E3 2012, I believe. But this probably isn’t “so bad it’s amusing to riff about” so much as it is horribly dull and bad.

Straight Outta Compton looks good, at least. And Cop Car was good! Kevin Bacon’s turn as a bad creep basically post-Balto has been the correct career trajectory.

Steven Hansen