New Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer … IN 3 WEEKS!

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When Kayka first told me that Rockstar had a new Grand Theft Auto 4 trailer, I was more excited than the time I blacked out and verbally harassed women. So when I looked around Rockstar’s page with the trailer, imagine my utter contempt. Actually, you don’t have to imagine. Here’s what I felt in textual form:

“Hey, there’s nothing here, *scrolls down*, OH YOU SON OF A …”.

OK Rockstar, we know that you know that everyone is excited about your game. I mean, it was one hell of a ride trying to find a working player for the first trailer when the entire Internet wanted to see all the fuss. It was a smart and brilliant move the first time around. Again though? Seriously? What are you expecting this time? I mean, everyone now knows what it’s going to look like. Not to mention the fact that you’ve been releasing plenty of photos of the game

Oh, who am I kidding. I’m going to be at your site on the twenty eighth and frantically searching video sites so Destructoid can get the video. God damn c*ck teasers.

[Thanks Fronz for the awesomeshop] 

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