New goodies for Dragon Quest Swords

For all the Dragon Quest fans awaiting Dragon Quest Swords on the Nintendo Wii, check out the newest trailer for the upcoming game.

Also, Square Enix has launched the official Web site for the game, but it’s in Japanese, so you’ll have to translate it. When you enter the main site, try running your cursor over the Dragon Quest Swords logo. Each letter in swords is a musical note and when you run your cursor over it, it makes music. Cool, huh?

The site features screen shots, character info, wallpapers for your computer and game developer info.

I also managed to find a demo of the gameplay for Dragon Quest swords. The Wii remote is used just like a sword to slash your enemies and you can use your cursor to shake bushes to find treasures.

If you’re major fan of the Dragon Quest series, check out the fan site, Slime Knights, where you can earn points for prizes by completing quizzes, polls and missions and you can talk with other Dragon Quest fans.

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