New God of War II trailer begs the question: what next-gen consoles?

If you weren’t hyped up about God of War 2 (coming to the PlayStation 2 next month) before, you’d better check your pulse if you’re still not, after having watched this new trailer. With epic music, cheesy film trailer voice over, and high intensity action, this was designed to get your blood pumping. 

One thing is for certain — the PlayStation 2 is not dead yet and if you haven’t made the upgrade to any of these newfangled “next-gen” consoles we blabber on about so often, don’t worry about it just yet. While this might really be the last high-profile hurrah for Sony’s console (dozens of games are set to hit the PS2 this year, but none with the weight of this sequel), it’s definitely going to go out on a high note.

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