Here’s a look at the Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis icy Kvaris region

New Genesis Kvaris region

This is a fun game to come back to

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis‘ launch was fun, but over time, a lot of people became lapsed players due to the lack of content. At some point the game is going to hit a critical mass and tack on so many quality of life features that it’ll be a must-try: and that could arguably happen this summer for some. Enter the New Genesis Kvaris region.

To prepare for the big summer update that adds this new snowy region into the game, the New Genesis team just debuted another “NGS Headline,” which serves as a Nintendo direct-like presentation.

Here’s the gist for the New Genesis Kvaris region info from the Headline stream:

  • There’s new enemy types (Proctys Ael, Proctys Retem, new dolls, Malachroids) as well as a new boss enemy (Crocodylis)
  • You can ice surf around on “floating boards” (one portion of the video even shows an event where you can battle a flying ship and do tricks off ramps to attack it)
  • Ice crystals in the region can be used as weapons
  • There’s a new narrative/set of story quests, with additional characters
  • New 6-star rarity weapons are in
  • The update title is called “Frozen Resolution”

If you’re just interested in seeing Kvaris, that bit starts at roughly 25:00 in. According to the latest info from the Headline, “it’s coming in June.”

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