New games downloaded to Xbox 360 HDD will have ‘relatively small’ gains

The fabled Fall update for the Xbox 360 (slated for this November) will give fans not only a new dashboard, but the ability to download games to their hard drives. The idea behind this is to streamline and compress load times. According to Boris Schneider-Johne, Xbox Product Manager Germany, only older titles will reflect dramatic changes and increased load times. Apparently the newer stuff will be as good as it gets.

…There are prominent examples, for instance: Project Gotham Racing 3, one of the first games for the Xbox 360. There the load times have been very long; those are going to get reduced immensely. Recent games are already optimized; there the gain is relatively small.

Despite the translation from the Golem interview, Schneider-Johne is quite clear as to the benefits that downloading a newer game on your HDD will have, and that is to say, almost nothing perceptible. At least I’ll finally be able to enjoy Enchanted Arms in all its glory this Fall.

[via GamersGlobal — Thanks, Adam!]

Brad BradNicholson