‘New game announcements’ at Resident Evil 5 launch this week

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The Union Square GameStop in San Francisco is throwing a big old Resident Evil 5 launch shindig on Thursday of this week, and if PR hype is to be believed, it’s going to be exciting!

For one, you can pick up your copy of Resident Evil 5 at midnight. But there’s more, including game tents, prize giveaways, the chance to meet the dev team, and hang out with the actors that voiced Chiris and Sheva. As the kids are saying, it’s going to be “the bomb,” except in this case the bomb may or may not contain the T-virus. You’ll be taking your chances here. 

But even if you can’t make the event, there’s something in this for you anyhow — Capcom has said that it will be making “new game announcements.” Yes, they’re going to be announcing a new game at the Resident Evil 5 launch this week. What could it be? We were told it was a “game announcement,” singular, so don’t go expecting them to reveal their entire 2009 line-up. 

It all kicks off Thursday, March 12 at 8 P.M., and we’ll have somewhere there to cover any exciting news coming out the event. But why not speculate now — what do you think it could be? 

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