New Galactrix PC screens are having the exact effect on me D3 is hoping for

Even though I felt a little intimidated the first time I laid my hands on Puzzle Quest: Galactrix (blocks falling … in all directions? Scary!), all it took was five minutes with the recently released PC demo to know that not only was I going to be just as incredibly addicted to this game as I had been to the original, but that it even had the possibility of being …gasp … BETTER than the original. Blasphemy!

While I’m not sure new screens are something to write about — after all, how many times can you be excited by a screenshot of the puzzle board — it still hypes me up just to see content from the title floating around. I plan to wrap up all the other games I’m playing by February 25th or risk leaving them neglected and lonely in the cold, cold night.


Colette Bennett