New Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins trailer may as well spoil the whole anime

This is insanity

In its ongoing promotion of the upcoming Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins, Bandai Namco has released one of the most spoiler-heavy trailers ever. Whereas previous trailers focused on the gameplay mechanics, this one focuses on the plot of the game. In particular, the section of the game that will cover the same material as the currently airing Invisible Victory.

For those who are willing to be spoiled, you can find the trailer below.

For those that can’t watch, a brief recap of the important stuff. The trailer reiterates various mechanics we already knew about, such as support from the submarine known as the Tuatha De Denaan, and skill trees for individual units. It also shows the possibility of alternate endings and secrets, with the given example being a scene of the female cast at the beach expanding to include another member. Overall, it looks to be a good time when it comes to gameplay and possible replay value.

The trailer also confirms that the pre-order bonus for Japan, a special set of three weapons, will also happen for the Asia release for physical and digital copies. In addition, a second bonus was confirmed in the form of Bonta-Kun. Those who pre-order the physical copy will receive a paper toy which comes with a special case. Given the mascot has been absent in all the trailers, it’s nice to see it finally acknowledged.

As someone that already knows how the currently anime will go due to other games, the trailer wasn’t really that big of an issue for me. However, Invisible Victory has only aired the first of its 12 episodes, meaning this trailer will absolutely ruin the show for anyone trying to go in blind. I can’t believe Bandai Namco would be so reckless about this, especially since it means people will stop watching before the advertisements for their model kits at the end. No one is going to want to buy a product if it’s promotional material is actively spoiling something else they are looking forward to. What a mess.

Mike Sounders