New Full Metal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy DS screenshots

Any Full Metal Alchemist fans? Yah, I know, what a stupid question. Full Metal Alchemist is one of the first few series people suggest to any anime newcomers, so its DS game should be just as popular. Check out the Full Metal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy mini games you can join Ed and Alphonse in:

  • “Whack-A-Homunculus” (like the Whack-A-Mole arcade games)
  • “Fullmetal vs. Flame” (Touch Screen shooting gallery)
  • “Arm Wrestling” (Beat your adversary as the difficulty increases)
  • “Trap” (Touch Screen Rollign Boulder escape)
  • “Survival” (Sneak past evil on Yock Island to get to your camp site)
  • “Artistic Wood-Chopping” (Chop firewood with your bare fists)
  • “Scratch” (Defend your character drawings with your stylus)
  • “Transmutation” (Use Transmutation circle to open secret doors to new areas for Story Mode)
  • “All Tied Up” (In Story Mod, untie Vato Falman’s arms with your stylus
  • “Memory Trap (Guide Ed past the ceiling traps in Story Mode like the classic Simon game)

Whack-A-Homunculus looks fun, and the Transmutation mini games sound like some Okami styled fun to me.

The game is scheduled for release on December 12, so keep your Edward and Elric  obsessed eyes on the watch for it next week. By playing the story mode you can unlock all of the mini games above and it boosts your alchemical skills too. Maybe if you’re lucky there will be a cheat code that uses alchemy to turn the DS into a whole Nintendo Wii. You can get more info on Destineer’s game at their game’s Web site, but here’s some brand new pics to tide you over until it’s out:


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