New Final Fantasy XIII trailer is live, includes in-game footage

I have to admit that after not connecting with Final Fantasy XII as I hoped I might, I lost a lot of enthusiasm for the Final Fantasy series. You meet people all the time who say there hasn’t been a good Final Fantasy since VII, and while I personally loved several of the games following it, I definitely sensed that there was some spark missing as of late.

That being said, it’s hard to know whether I’m experiencing a Pavlovian reaction over the brand spanking new Final Fantasy XIII trailer that just went live on the game’s Japanese website, or whether I am really am loving what I’m seeing, but either way I think I just tapped into my sense of excitement for this game, and that’s a bit of a thrill when you have loved games in this series as much as I have.

Go watch and tell us what you think — and yes, in-game footage is being shown in there!

Colette Bennett