New Final Fantasy XIII looks suspiciously familiar

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New Final Fantasy XIII and Versus art sounds exciting in theory, doesn’t it? It was only after seeing it that I forgot that all Final Fantasy characters have looked alike for the last three games in the series, so if I had wanted to see FF XIII art I could have made paper dolls out of the past characters and shuffled their accessories around until I came up with something very similar to the sketches you see here.

I love Final Fantasy, but I think I’ve personally hit a point where I need something to change about their formula before I feel really engaged in one of the games in this series again. For all the splendor of Final Fantasy XII, I found myself fifty hours in and not caring if the characters lived or died. I hope they have the balls to do something new with them sooner or later, because I know they have the potential for greatness.

Weigh in, peoples — is the style tired, or could you take another twenty games worth of feminine male characters with gun/sword hybrid weapons?

[Via NeoGaf — Thanks Justin]

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