New Final Fantasy VII Remake art debuts at Anniversary Exhibition

Over in Japan

We don’t know much about Final Fantasy VII Remake, despite the fact that it was announced in 2014. Although director Tetsuya Nomura has wanted to show us more, including additional video footage, Square has denied his requests — presumably waiting until the perfect moment to show it off.

Until then we’ll deal with drip-fed information, some of it coming from fans. That’s just what this story entails, as Twitter user Junshen was able to visit the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Exhibition at the Mori Arts Center Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. Running from January 22 until February 28, it’ll showcase various bits of Final Fantasy history, including concept art from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

I’m still torn on the episodic approach, especially if they wait a year or more between chapters. I’m a proponent of Nomura’s over-the-top work, but he’s not known for working well with deadlines.

Junshen [Twitter]

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