New Fez footage! Set your face to smile mode

Here we are presented with what looks to be the beginning of Fez, or, at least the current beginning; you know how those crazy developers like to switch things up. This slice of footage is so lovely, though, that I have a hard time imagining Polytron will change it.

There’s nothing shown here that I don’t love. Is … is that too forward? The animation in particular is coming along quite nicely. Fez is taking a while to make, so for me, it’s been moved to the part of the brain that remembers to attribute fondness but tries not get too excited for fear of a long wait.

This game will surely bring joy to fans of pixel art, sweet tunes, and adorableness when it hits XBLA in 2011.

First Two Minutes of Fez [IndieGames]

Jordan Devore
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