New extended trailers for Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII

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Good morning, Destructoid. Toast yourself a bagel and have a look at the new extended trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. It’s like a blueberry bagel itself, really. Dark and crisp on the outside, but with a subtle promise of rich sweetness should you decide to dig in.

The trailer opens with the phrase “This is a fantasy based on reality.” It’s interesting to ponder what that could mean, and you can clearly see in the video that the game features cars and buildings that look more like what you’d see outside your window than what you would in a typical Final Fantasy title. Seems deep and intriguing, kind of like this coffee I’m enjoying right now.

If you prefer plain old white toast to the darkness of blueberries, you’ll find the new extended trailer for FFXIII proper after the jump. Not quite as unusual as what you see above, but delicious nonetheless. I probably should have finished eating breakfast before I posted these.  

[Thanks to JimmyHACK for the tip! Yes, I know it’s in the Cblogs, too. Good job there.] 



Mmmm, toast.  

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