New Edge of Twilight screens still keep us in the dark

It’s been quite a while since there was fresh Intel on that game I’ve championed for over a year, Edge of Twilight, but Fuzzyeyes has sent us over some fresh screenshots to brighten up this Friday morning. They’re a collection of environment screens that show off the stylish steampunk vibe that Edge of Twilight is going for. A few snazzy bits of artwork have been thrown in as well. 

There is still no word over what’s happening with this game, release-wise. It was announced a very, very long time ago and I actually saw a private demo of the thing in motion a year ago. Quite why there has been no release date or even rough launch window is unknown, and unsettling. The game looks incredibly promising and I’ve been excited about it for ages. I really hope to find out more about its status soon.

I shall endeavor to find out what is up. In the meantime, enjoy the images.

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