New DSi update brings flash cart device blockery

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We keep going back and forth on the whole DSi flash cart issue, mostly because Nintendo is working to keep these R4-ish devices out of the cartridge slot of your system. You see, they like it when you buy their games.

The DSi 1.4J firmware was supposed to bring Facebook functionality to the handheld, but it also brought the digital smackdown for your piracy devices. The following have been blocked by the update:

  • DSTTi
  • Hyper R4i
  • ak2i
  • R4 Ui
  • R4i Gold 
  • EZVi

It appears that if you try to run any of these carts, you’re asked to turn the system off and put in some legit software.

Sure, some of these flash cart makers are going to figure out a way to work around the block. But then Nintendo is going to release another firmware update. I think this is Nintendo getting aggressive, and I could see them ramping up efforts if it gets any worse.

[via Kotaku]

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