New DS horror game is part Ghostbusters, part Where’s Waldo

Dimple Entertainment’s Miteha Ikenai (Don’t Look) is said to be a portable horror game. With scribbling. Ooh, scary.

The upcoming summer Japanese release has two gameplay modes — one where you get your gas station lottery card scratch on to uncover paranormal activity in photographs, and the other, Noroi’s House mode, where you try to remove ghosts from a residence.

The photograph-scouring Shinrei Shashin mode sounds the most interesting. Players look to find spirits reflected in ghost photography and paint them out with their stylus. Siliconera says that this is done in a time attack style, giving you three minutes to find the ghosties. The other mode is played in a similar way, but players will use clues from dialogue and the story line to remove the curse.

I like this simple yet fun concept, though it doesn’t sound very scary. Would this stylus ghostbusting action entertain you?

Hit the jump to see if you can find the “spirits” in example photographs.

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