New Dragon Quest IX scans have come to massage your eyeballs seductively

JeuxFrance have been on one of their secret sneaking missions again, this time liberating a bunch of new Dragon Quest IX shots previously imprisoned within the pages of the brutal Shonen Jump regime. It was a mission fraught with danger, violence, and a severe lack of cake, and many were killed in the process. The images come to you via one of the site’s last remaining survivors, who thrust the link into my arms early this morning, bleeding from his eyes, nose and mouth, and missing at least seven of his limbs. I quickly pushed the messy bastard away before he could ruin my shirt and left him to die, and set out on the important business of bringing the pics to you, the people who matter. 

[Look, it’s late and I’ve got a paragraph to fill. What do you want?]

The new screens show off some pretty lush town-based environments amongst others, as wel as some imagery from the game’s cut-scenes. All in all, they’re looking well up to the standard of prettiness we’ve come to expect from the game by now, – as long as you run them through that anti-pixelation filter we all now have installed in our heads for DS screenshots. Blocky the Cyclops look a bit rough in print form – and are making me ever more anxious to get hold of the finished product in all of its double-whammy, two-hit combo, dual-cartridge glory. 

So what are you waiting for? Go and check out all sixteen. Frenchmen died for them, you heartless swine!

[He’s gold, he’s made of dough, and he may be slightly nutty] 

David Houghton