New Disgaea 3 screen shots emerge

The best game that permits standing-on-shoulders-totem-pole-style attacking, or, as our very own Ron Workman would say, “one of those games with words and numbers,” has some lovely new screen shots hitting the internet now.

PS3 strategy RPG Disgaea 3 looks wonderful if you’re into that kind of thing. Jim Sterling dug up a nifty trailer, but these high-resolution screenshots from Gamersyde can’t be beat for geeking out to. 

It’s a big strange to see high-res backgrounds and menus against lower-resolution character and enemy sprites, but the game still looks great. There’s still plenty of numbers, words, and totem poles to keep Disgaea series and SRPG fans happy.  

Japan will see Disgaea in January 2008. We’re still waiting for word on an English language version.

Check out the screenshot highlights in the gallery below.  

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