New Disaster: Day of Crisis trailers and details

Disaster: Day of Crisis is about to come in Japan, and the first commercials are hitting Japanese television (and the Japanese Wii) now.

The first thing you’ll notice is that all of these short spots show off the English language voice acting with Japanese subtitles. Could this point to a quick port for us?

Finally there is some new details on this September 25th Japanese release. You play as Raymond Bryce, a retired rescue worker who quit after losing his friend Steve in an accident. When an earthquake suddenly strikes his city, he springs to action, all the while working against a terrorist origination that is using the chaos to steal a nuclear weapon. How very Hollywood!

As you can see in the trailers, you’ll use your Nunchuck and Wii Remote to make your way through the city, dodging every type of disaster you can imagine. According to 1UP, you’ll come across wounded citizens and will have to help them in various ways. You’ll have to do all of this while fending off the terrorists.

I truly hope we hear something soon about a US release date, as Europe and Japan already have one.

What do you think of this title so far? It kind of came out of nowhere, didn’t it?

Dale North