New Devil May Cry announcement imminent?

The facts:

  • Capcom has recently filed a trademark for “DMC,” which is suspiciously the initials to its popular (yet recently missing in action) Devil May Cry.
  • Today, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved developer has revealed that its new game would be announced at Tokyo Game Show this week. 
  • Capcom Europe recently hinted that four new games would be revealed in Japan this week. 
  • Capcom’s Keiji Inafune said in an interview that Devil May Cry 5 would have a “Western Touch.”

Rumors have long been swirling that Ninja Theory has been working with Capcom on the latest Devil May Cry game. So given these facts, let’s jump to a conclusion: Capcom will announce the next Devil May Cry game, developed by Ninja Theory, this week.

We’ll know if this is the case soon enough. And by that I mean within the next 24 hours. On Wednesday, at 6:00am Central time, Capcom will be holding an hour-long event in Tokyo where they’ll likely reveal some stuff. We’ll be there. Stay tuned.

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Nick Chester