New device adds HDMI functionality to 1st generation Xbox 360s

Maxconsole has a couple of videos on a new adapter that lets you use the HDMI inputs on that fancy new HDTV you’ve just purchased with your vintage, first generation HDMI-less Xbox 360.

The XCM 1080i HDMI is a disc-shaped device that connects to the first generation Xbox 360’s A/V port. The device does all the work, sending an HDMI-ready signal out through a standard HDMI cable right into your HDTV. It also connects to the older HD standard DVI input by way of a cable-end adapter, and RCA stereo audio outputs are included for that standard (HDMI pipes audio and video over one cable).

There will be some that say that most HD sets have component video inputs, which also allow a 1080i resolution, but this device is a good problem solver for sets that don’t.

No price or purchase details are listed other than a note that this product will be available from retailers as of next week. 

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