New details on YUKE’s Neverland Card Battles for the PSP

Yeah, I know. Not that great of a name, right? I prefer the Japanese title, Cardinal Arc Portable, which is a PSP port of a PS2 game from Japan. Good name or not, this is a card-battling strategy RPG that is being localized by the American publishing arm of Japanese developer YUKE’S. 

This tactical RPG uses over 200 cards in head-to-head battles between demons and Dominators, the special people that can use the power of these cards. You can also build decks and also play against others via ad hoc networking. 

The official Neverland Card Battles Web site was just updated with new details on the game’s main characters, Simmon and Sheriela, as well as details on some newly revealed cards. And they threw in three new wallpapers for the hell of it. 

We’ve compiled a ton of screenshots in the gallery below as well as a trailer above. Does this look like your kind of game? I know words like “card battle” and “strategy” send some people running for the hills, but not I. Where are my SRPG people at?

Dale North